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Thread: Map of with latitude and longitude

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    I need help to draw a simple map with latitudes and longitudes showing the study area. Actually I need to publish my research article in a scientific journal.

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    When I had to make plots like this in a previous job I used a program called Igor Pro. You can download coastal and border data etc. that you need to plot your map and overlay your own coordinates (I used to use it to plot aircraft flight tracks). The only downside is it ain't cheap IIRC. Details of program are here:

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    I am not sure where you are but in North America you can download maps from United States Geological Service
    USGS: Maps, Imagery, and Publications

    Most countries have similar services.
    USGS has a list of software links that let you get additional data layers for the maps.
    USGS: Maps, Imagery, and Publications - Related Data

    You can get data overlays too if you are using software like GRASS GIS
    GRASS GIS - Home
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