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Thread: How many people can Earth support?

  1. #1 How many people can Earth support? 
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    There are many claims about how many people Earth can support with lowest being in one billion with most being in around 10-16 billion 10 billion being the median and one trillion being the most optimistic. How many people can Earth support in your opinion and do you know how the trillion could ever be supported by Earth? Do you know how someone came to that conclusion? I believe in the 10 billionish figures brcause they make the most sense.

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    as long as science can push the envelope and keep up with demand for food and as long as we don't have a really major change to the oceans from oil spills and radiation leaks and a warming trend, I think we can fit a bit more on the planet, but, for several years now fresh water is depleting faster and some of the bigger resevoir levels keep declining. I guess we won't know till it actually gets there.

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    We just need to have more wars to use slaves for.
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    We definately do not know. We know very little about our complex Earth system today...
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    With agricultural methods from 100 years ago, we could support far fewer people than we could using methods of today. Without being able to predict the technology advancement, I couldn't even hazard a guess at how many people Earth could support.
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