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Thread: r.e. BBC "Hammond Builds a Planet" I need info please help if possible

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    Recently on the BBC was a 2-3 part docu called 'Richard Hammond Builds a Planet' and one of the episodes featured a very deep cave system where colonies of rock-eating algae/bacteria were discovered under toxic water that they called a "crystal lake".

    I've since been trying to discover info specifically about this cave, but there's literally zero online about it. I've asked in other forums without luck and I've emailed the BBC without reply. There's zero on the programme webpage and I don't have sufficient broadband to watch the BBC iplayer repeat.

    Trouble is when it was on I was tired and only half paying attention so I missed the name of the cave and its location; though I think it was in Europe. It was only the next day that I realised I needed to know more.

    Do you remember anything about it if you were watching; or perhaps you recorded it? If I at least had the name of the cave system then I could do the research. I want that specific programme information about the rock-eating organism. Thank you.

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