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Thread: Earth's Layers : Effect to States

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    Hi everybody!

    The Earth's layers ( Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Mesosphere, Outer and Inner core) are different in its state (Rigid, Plastic, Rigid, Liquid, Solid) (p/s: States are simultaneously with the layers)

    I just wanna ask, why is that the state changes as it goes down the layer? (except mesosphere)

    Could you explain it by using these affectors?

    1) The Depth
    2) The Temperature
    3) The Pressure

    And could you provide reference books for my further reading? Thanks!

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    The lithosphere is solid because at the temperatures and pressures obtaining at the surface and comparatively shallow depths all common rock forming minerals are solid.

    In contrast, the asthenosphere is at a temperature close to melting point for several of its components. This has two effects: as you have noted the rock becomes quite plastic, which means it can deform comparatively rapidly (in geological terms); partial melting occurs in places. This can facilitate movement.

    I dislike the term mesosphere, since it can be confused with the atmospheric layer. I prefer to talk about the main mantle, or the sub-asthenosphe mantle. Anyway within it the pressure is sufficient to overcome the elevated temperature and maintain it in solid condition.

    The outer core is liquid because at that temperature and pressure an Fe-Ni-S mix is liquid and at the higher pressures within the inner core the mix is solid.

    State doesn't change with layers, layers change with state. i.e. it is a change of state that defines the next layer.

    I don't feel I've actually answered your questions - I've really just restated your questions as statements. Could you ask slightly differently? Or did this give you what you wanted?

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    Thanks for the answer!
    This is a slightly different question;
    explain the effect of depth, temperature and pressure to the states (solid, plastic, liquid) of these layers.
    This is for my assignment actually. 2pages long. If you know any reference books regarding this, please tell me the name. I want to read further.
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