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Thread: Global circulation of wind and ocean

  1. #1 Global circulation of wind and ocean 
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    A ceaseless movement of wind and ocean currents results in global circulation

    because of

    1. unequal distribution of oceanic and continental mass

    2.radiative forcing due to Sun-Earth interaction

    3.tilt of Earth's axis

    4.revolution / rotation of Earth

    is the 4th one the right answer?

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    The 4th answer appears to be the least wrong, which could be considered to approximate to right.

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    These appear to be homework and that is discouraged here. If you want help we expect you to explain what you think the answer is and why. From there other members can if they want provide helpful clues.

    As for your answer. Ask yourself: If the Earth didn't rotate, would there still be "ceaseless wind?" It might also help to look at another slowly rotating planet and its atmosphere.
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    all of the above seems to be less wrong than only choosing #4

    look to your text(s?), and class notes
    If the course has a bias, the appropriate answer (for the question for the class) should be contained therein.
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