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    Geostrophic wind is a balance between the pressure gradient force and the
    Coriolis force. In non geostrophic wind, flow will become circulatory because of

    1. pressure difference term

    2. momentum term

    3. temperature difference term

    4. shear term

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    And it doesn't exactly exist.
    What's your point?

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    this is a question in a competitive exam. i wanted the answer
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    The geostrophic wind (/ɵˈstrɒfɨk/ or /ɵˈstrfɨk/) is the theoretical windthat would result from an exact balance between the Coriolis effect and the pressure gradient force. This condition is called geostrophic balance. The geostrophic wind is directed parallel to isobars (lines of constant pressure at a given height). This balance seldom holds exactly in nature. The true wind almost always differs from the geostrophic wind due to other forces such as friction from the ground. Thus, the actual wind would equal the geostrophic wind only if there were no friction and the isobars were perfectly straight. Despite this, much of the atmosphere outside the tropics is close to geostrophic flow much of the time and it is a valuable first approximation. Geostrophic flow in air or water is a zero-frequency inertial wave.
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    you know well about Geostrophic wind..

    balance between PGF = CF.

    So if we take Non-Geostrophic wind, it means where the wind is not balanced by PGF and CF.

    imagine there are bunch of isobars. when the wind enters isobars, due to pressure difference it start towards Low Pressure area.
    by the time it start towards LP, then the CF starts acting upon it to deflect and it continues to get the wind to (deflect) rotate in circular or closed path.
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