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Thread: Place where the in permanent darkness on earth?

  1. #1 Place where the in permanent darkness on earth? 
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    Hey! I was just wondering if there is a sizable location [AKA not a single field] on earth that is is permanent darkness-- is this possible with the earth going around the sun? I'm writing a novel and was hoping it could exist in a location such as a valley overshadowed by a mountain [but one that humans can live at the top, so not a hugely tall one].

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    My mind is pretty dark. But it's a very small place and I don't plane to share it with somebody else.

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    Why not center the story around a cave? There are places that are dark for a month or more at a time, could that work?
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    Any place north of the Tropic of Cancer or south of the Tropic of Capricorn, the sun is never directly overhead. Therefore if there is a steep enough valley, it won't see any direct sunlight. It won't be dark, though, because there will still be a lot of reflected light.
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    There was a news story a few years ago about an Italian village that had mounted mirrors on a nearby mountain because they didn't got any direct sunlight in winter.
    BBC NEWS | Europe | Italy village gets 'sun mirror'

    (But obviously, it wasn't dark just not sunny)
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