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    Hello everyone, I am currently majoring in Enviromental Geoscience and I am wondering what concentration path should I follow. We have three options to choose from at my University. An emphasis in Geography and Geographic Information Systems, Ecology and Life Sciences, or Physical Sciences. Really i am not sure if I should go with the GIS emphasis or the Ecology and life sciences. What do you all recomend and why and which would be better for the job markets of today and the future.

    Also I have plenty of time to decide but what would you recomend at the Masters level? Thanks for all the advice.

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    Have you ever discussed this with a guidance counslor there? 'd think that should be your first thing to do then see what they suggest and after that come back here and ask us what we think of their idea.

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    Hey, this is sort of what I had to do when I got my degree. Our EnvSci broke into 3 paths: GIS and Remote Sensing (mostly focused on computer mapping and planning), Public Health (mostly focused on making sure businesses are meeting environmental standards), and Hydrology (mostly focused on water management and planning).

    I took hydrology because there is a huge demand for anyone trained in water systems and management in cities near major rivers (in my case, there are several).

    At the Master's level, I moved to geology simply because I was told by some USGS and consultation people that Environmental Science Master's degrees aren't taken nearly as seriously as Geology Master's with a focus on geochemistry.

    That applies to my focus on hydrology, so it may vary depending upon what you want to do in the workplace.
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