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    Anyone know a site wherein i can see the arctic weather down to the 50s latitude with temperatures and wind directions?

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    The dmi site gives really good coverage down to 60 degrees. DMI/COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | [Arktis]
    To get down to 50 you might get something from the Canadians or the Russians, maybe Alaska?, but I've always found the Canadian sites unnavigable - if you find something easy to work with, please let us know.

    If you go to the bottom of this page you'll find some atmospheric pressure, windspeed and ice drift information in the bottom few rows - but I can't see anything down to 50 degrees.

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    excellent resource for seeing the winter weather in advance of the event
    a low is pushing up into the arctic over iceland
    while an arctic high dominates over central siberia's arctic shores

    meanwhile, the coldest arctic temperatures are arching over the canadian arctic islands to northern greenland

    Modis Satellite Images. COI/DMI

    nothing threatening for Iowa------------ 0 to +20 beats the hell outa -26

    just a winter cold has settled in here
    0-20 degrees and overcast
    10 degrees below normal

    the sun seems a dull and lifeless orb hanging in a leaden sky
    thanx for the links
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