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Thread: ocean weight vs plate movement

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    As ice melts on land masses from global warming and enters the ocean, will the increased weight of the ocean effect plate movement and/or increase activity between plates?

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    I expect the answer is yes... the Earth and crusts will be affected relative to the mass and weight of water added.

    You missed out the C in OCEAN on your title... you can click edit and change that if you wish. It might make the thread (thats better!) more attractive for people, first impressions and all of that.

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    Let me go back and edit that last post... I don't want to make a bad impression!
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    I don't think the change is sea level would be significant. Even if all the ice in the Antarctic melted (never going to happen) average sea level would rise by 61 metres (1). However, the average depth of the oceans is about 4,000 metres (2). That is an increase of less than 1.5%.

    However, the loss of ice could have an effect locally. The land will rise due to the loss of weight. This is still going on as a result of the last ice age (3).

    (1) HowStuffWorks "If the polar ice caps melted, how much would the oceans rise?"
    (2) How deep is the ocean?
    (3) Post-glacial rebound - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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