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Thread: Stationary Sun on fictional planet

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    Hey! I have a question about a fictional planet in which the Sun is always in the same place in the sky on the planet-- there are no days or nights, only the constant light/shadow at each individual location. Any thoughts on how this would affect life on this planet would be helpful [in this fictional planet, life exists]-- specifically, I'm wondering how wind/weather would be created/directed. The Sun is directly overhead the central point of a large landmass, and there is an ocean surrounding it completely. Which way would the winds blow, with a constant source of heat directed at the center of this isle? The planet is still revolving, however [the sun is just 'locked' onto this particular point-- is this an example of tidal locking?]
    Thanks for any thoughts on this!!

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    Haven't seen many papers about this, but it could be because I roam around in climate and meteorology journals instead of astronomy.

    There's been some work though..Here's a brief article about prospects of tidally locked habitable planets.
    Tidal Locking Could Render Habitable Planets Inhospitable

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    Also a documentary of the name "What happen when Earth stop spinning?" (by National Geographic). For Earth at least, not spinning is really bad for us.
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