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Thread: Curious about lake currents. Please help.

  1. #1 Curious about lake currents. Please help. 
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    I am curious to know if small lakes can produce dangerous currents that could sweep you in. One of my good friends was supposedly caught by one of these so called currents and panicked and unfortunately drowned, at least that was reported.

    I know from searching online I have found dangerous currents to be known in the great lakes, but smaller lakes it seems like a rare occasion. If there were any currents to be found, it just wouldn't seem like it would be strong enough within a small lake like Tallulah Falls Lake.

    I don't know, it seems so odd. If any one with any kind of knowledge about water flow, please share what you know, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the matter.

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    It's not likely a rip current, which would only be found on a lake big enough to have breaking waves. Rip current - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Lake Tallulah is a reservoir used for hydroelectric power. It could have strong currents when water is being drawn through the turbines.
    Tallulah Falls Lake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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