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Thread: Some questions about the age of the Earth (and other things!)

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    Scientific community: I would like your help with something. I have a friend who has posed some arguments or 'evidence' for his creationism belief (or certainly his lack of belief in the age of the Earth). I know that he is completely wrong - but I would like to answer his points in a truly scientific way. I will post what he has said below and I would appreciate your responses to each of his points:

    1.Science and evolution are separate. People think that evolution is science because it is sold to us this way in textbooks all throughout school, from the developing minded- first grade and up.
    Science and evolution are separate, and adapta...tion is not evolution. Adaptation (e-coli experiments) is science.
    Science is observable, repeatable, and allows for demonstration in its predictions; evolution is not so.

    2.Evolution is a Pagan/philosophical religion that teaches children that they are animals, thus many children act like animals.
    In Glen Rose Texas, there was found one day, 600 giant human foot prints alongside dinosaur footprints in the same strata. The foot prints ranged from 17-24" long and in 6' strides. This was thought to be a hoax, as if someone took the time to imprint 600 foot prints in such a stride and strata. An additional layer of earth was dug-up to reveal this as a hoax. More of the same foot prints were found.

    3.Scientists agree, the sun shrinks 5' in diameter every hour. The sun is 93 million miles from the Earth. Simple calculation reveals 93 million miles multiplied by 5280' in a mile divided by 5' every hour, less than 20 million years ago the sun would touch the Earth, making life impossible. This puts a 20 million year cap on the sun/Earth system.

    4.At the current rate that the moon is receding from earth, less than a million years ago it would have caused tides causing all life to drown twice a day. Less than 10 million years ago, the moon would not be in orbit, it would be in the Roche radius.

    5.If the Earth loses 1/1000 of a second each day in rotation velocity, 1/2 a million years ago it would rotate so fast to be as Jupiter; constant hurricanes and 500 mph winds.

    This evidence cannot be tampered with.
    Any responses to this from you guys would really be appreciated

    Thank you



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    since there already an identical OP that has started off a discussion in biology, i'll close this thread, otherwise we're in danger of having 2 parallel discussions on the same topic

    "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." (Philip K. Dick)

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