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Thread: What is fire (of the type we are familiar with) and when did it start occurring on earth?

  1. #1 What is fire (of the type we are familiar with) and when did it start occurring on earth? 
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    There's lava, but the fire we are familiar with usually involves a chemical destruction of, usually organic-ish matter, right? I dont see fire occurring on a flat desert plain or on the moon(no oxygen). Did life-ish chemical reactions occur before fire-ish reactions started to occur? If life started in water I assume fire really started to occur more often once life started to spread on land? (edit: Crap I forgot about methane, theres seas of it on some jovian moon so I guess you can have methane fires without life being in the picture)

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    There was insufficient oxygen in the atmosphere before life to support fire. So life came first, then fire.


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    In fact, over, at least, half of the entire life of planet Earth, fire was impossible due to lack of oxygen. Anaerobic life had been present about a billion years before cyanobacteria could produce enough oxygen for fire. Methane on Jovian moons cannot burn due to lack of oxygen. In their particular environments, the methane is inert.
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