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Thread: NPP Satellite to Launch at 5:48 AM EDT

  1. #1 NPP Satellite to Launch at 5:48 AM EDT 
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    Key science objectives and capabilities of NPP include:

    Climate change -- contribute to long-term records of global environmental data critical for understanding the dynamics of climate change Health of the ozone layer -- daily measurements of the atmospheric ozone layer that will determine whether the ozone layer is recovering as expected

    Natural disasters -- monitor wildfires, volcanic eruptions, snowstorms, droughts, floods, hurricanes and dust plumes

    Weather predictions -- a sounding instrument will collect information about cloud cover, atmospheric temperatures, humidity and other variables critical to accurate weather prediction

    Vegetation -- map global land vegetation and quantify changes in plant productivity to understand the global carbon cycle and monitor agricultural processes to predict and respond to food shortages and famines

    Global ice cover -- monitor changes to Earth’s sea ice, land ice and glaciers to track the pace of climate change

    Air pollution -- monitor the spread of health-sapping pollutants such as soot, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide

    Temperatures -- maintain a global record of atmospheric, land surface and sea surface temperatures critical to understanding the long-term dynamics of climate change Earth’s energy budget -- make measurements to determine how much energy is entering and exiting Earth's atmosphere

    Live coverage of launch now on NASA TV, and

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