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Thread: Tesla and his power tower

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    I have read online about one of Nicola teslas ideas that has been called 'the power tower'For those of you who haven't heard about it - his design suggests that a conductive pole be placed vertically in such a way that it's lowest point is 1000m in the ground and it's highest point at 2000m in the air. A capacitor should be placed at a predetermined altitude that will store and release energy gathered by the potential difference between the positive charge present in the atmosphere (I read 300,000v) and the negative charge present within the earth. From what I understand about the idea, the tower would be in a way like a permanent lightning bolt never storing but constantly supplying electricity. Telsa proposed that this electricity could be transferred wirelessly to receivers on homes and automobiles etc. Eliminating the need for fossil fuels and providing the world with free, immensely powerful, renewable energy.What do you knowledgeable people think about the idea? Is it feasible? In theory would it work? He said it was the future. I read that the us government stopped his work though I'm not sure why.Tesla also believed in something smaller, faster and more energetic than the photon. Please excuse my lack of knowledge about these things. He called it cosmic radiation and said that it was present night and day. He believed it could be harnessed. What do you think about this also?Thanks

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    The problem with beamed power is that the radiation used to beam it is harmful, the space power schemes all need receivers in deserts.

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