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Thread: How is magnetite formed?

  1. #1 How is magnetite formed? 
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    I have this homework question that is stumping me and I can't seem to find any useful information on. How are magnetite deposits formed in layered mafic intrusions. I'm supposed to address these questions in my answer
    1. what is the typical host rock
    2. does it crystallize from primitive or fractionated magma
    3. what causes this ore mineral to precipitate from magmas

    I know how chromite is formed in this situation and I know that the chemical formulas are similar with the exception of a Cr and extra Fe between the two. Are they formed in similar ways? Any help to any parts of this question is greatly appreciated!

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    Just as a hint: magnetite has a high melting point and specific gravity.

    Based on this, how would you expect it to form layered deposits?

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