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Thread: Uncertainty in Earth Models

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    Hi All,

    I would like to assess the uncertainty of the subsurface. I have been interested in multiple-point geostatistical methods.

    For that, I read the following paper:

    It has a very interesting and powerful idea. Do you guys know any other technique that can perform the same kind of stochastic simulations ?


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    This post is identical to the one you made in on the same date.
    The reply I made there still stands. Since you didn't respond to it in that forum, perhaps you'd like to respond to my reply in this forum.

    Your post raises two questions: What "uncertainty of the subsurface" are you trying to assess? and, To what "very interesting and powerful idea" are you referring?

    At the risk of showing my ignorance (which is difficult to hide, in any event), this paper is written in such an obfuscating way that I wonder if it's a legitimate research paper or a comupter generated hoax.


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