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Thread: Calculating Mass/Denisty?

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    Can someone please explain in simple language and in step by step terms how to tackle a problem like this?

    A block of stone has a mass of 478 kg and a volume of 0.16 m^3. Calculate its density. Give your answer to the nearest whole number and with appropriate SI units.

    I have to answer a question that is very similar to this. (Only the numbers have been changed). But I haven't got a clue where to start.

    At a guess my instinct is to find a way to convert these numbers into the same or similar units?

    I have of course used different numbers here and I am not trying to cheat or anything (it's just a practice question anyway), as I really would like to understand how to do this. But my maths isn't strong (I'm an adult learner BTW), so I would appreciate as simple and clear a breakdown of this problem as possible.

    With thanks!

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    Look up the definition and units of density and I think you'll find the answer obvious.

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    Ok. The density is the mass of an object per volume unit. This is very easy to do. A density can be expressed in kg/m3 or g/cc (more commonly, this is 1000 times smaller). You just need to make a simple division.
    The density is the feeling of 'heaviness' of an object. Lead density is higher than 18 carats gold which is higher than 14 carat gold which is higher than aluminium which is higher than quartz which is higher than wood etc....

    You get it ????
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