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    I have created a a reactor cabable of harnessing the energy in the atmoshphere by creating a supercell storm in a enclosed space. it uses the thermal enegy from the sun to heat the water tanks and create clouds. i then seed the clouds with a mixture of nitrogen, magnesium, cO2, and oxygen. i then use a air conditioning system to create a cold air down draft and a different solution to create the lightning clouds. i charge the clouds with a small electromagnet near the top for a positive charge and a negative charge near the bottom of the clouds. the air conditioning and magnets are powered by wind turbines and solar panels. the solar panels also keep the water constantly heated so as to keep the storm going.
    all energy from the lightning strikes are caught in a lightning rod and dispersed into massive batteries which feed into (in my case) a stereo system. the heat enegy from the lightning is also used to continally heat the water resevoir. the water resevior is constantly being refilled by the rain, and the water pressure pumps the water into the water tanks to be treated. I am looking for a way to cause the lightning to strike the same spots without the use of a 2 Terrawatt laser created by the U.S. military. if anyone has any idea's that may make my project more succesful i would love to hear your feedback. please e-mail me a

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