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    Created by UK independent producers Impossible Pictures, the multi award-winning creators of the Walking With Dinosaurs … series, Prehistoric Park follows wildlife expert, Nigel Marven, and his team of zoologists as they travel back in time to rescue some of the most amazing animals who ever roamed the earth and transport them back thousands of years to the present day to be nurtured in Prehistoric Park. With the aid of the latest CGI technology, Prehistoric Park brings animals to life in a truly unique way.

    These magnificent, beautiful creatures interact with Nigel and his team so closely that will keep viewers highly amused and always amazed! With an inventive combination of zoology, geology, paleontology, archaeology and time travel, Prehistoric Park offers both a bone-rattling good time and a lesson in natural history throughout each exciting episode.

    So take a journey with Nigel’s team back in time and watch as they brave a strange new world to convey these creatures from certain extinction to a new existence – in Prehistoric Park! (Barnes & Noble)



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    Out of curiosity what is the discussion point of the op????

    It seems like a random post to generate traffic to the attached link to be honest!


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    agreed - locked and link removed
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