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Thread: Need help.

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    If I was looking for chromite, copper, gold, iron, ore, lead, manganese, silver, sulfur, tin and zinc.

    What are the simplest way to find them? What are the best location to pick to look for them?

    Any input would be great, thanks in advance

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    Check the Wikipedia, it's all there.

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    think black smokers near mid-ocean ridges
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    Magnetic and gravitational field surveys, sediment sampling, seismic surveying, resistivity surveying.

    Take your pick.
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    simplest? best locations to look?

    - the minerals section of a large natural history museum

    - work for a diversified resource company ...

    - haunt your local Dept of Minerals and Energy (or equivalent) -
    look for the maps in their annual reports ...

    - read the Geological Survey Reports and bulletins
    (most countries and states have them) ...

    - study geology at a good school or university* ...


    are you wanting to find them all in the same location?

    chromite (and to a lesser extent, tin) don't tend to be associated often with the rest of your list -
    sulfur, on the other hand is commonly found as sulfides of most (if not all) metals.

    lead-zinc-silver is a common polymetallic deposit; also IOCG (iron ore, copper, gold - some deposits include uranium (IOCGU)) can be found; manganese can be associated with iron deposits; chromite is sometimes an indicator mineral for PGMs (platinum group metals) ... popular polymetallic targets are VMS (vulcanogenic massive sulfide) deposits - as marnixR put it, "black smokers" and MORs - but you can extend that to anywhere with some history of mafic magmatism, preferably also with a complex history of faulting ...


    *or are you doing that, and this (the OP) is a homework question?
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