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Thread: Experiment - Testing Toxicity of Liquids on Radishes

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    Recently, my daughter was asking me if I had an idea for a science fair project. As she was in grade 11, I needed to find a rather interesting experiment for her. I thought this one up, as I really enjoyed biology in both High School and University.

    Testing Toxicity of materials on plant growth.
    What you need...
    1x Lamp
    1x Table that won't be moved.
    Seeds (We suggest radish seeds as they grow at a rapid rate) These will remain constant.
    16 small plant cups
    4x eye droppers
    3 different household products that would commonly be put into the environment by humans. We suggest, Shampoo, Ammonia, and Windex.
    Water (from tap)

    1 ) Set up a table in a place where it will not need to be moved. This is to make sure that the environment will stay constant.
    2 ) Lay small plant cups out on the table.
    3 ) Put 50ml of soil into the plant cups.
    4 ) Bury radish seeds (3) 1 cm deep into the cup.
    5 ) Label 5 Cups 1.1-1.5, 5 Cups 2.1-2.5, 5 cups 3.1-3.5, and 1 cup 4.1.
    6 ) Use eye droppers to put one drop of shampoo into cup #1.1, two drops into cup #1.2, three drops into cup #1.3, four into cup #1.4, and five drops into cup #1.5. Add 2 drops of water to each.
    7 ) Repeat step #6 for Ammonia (only on pots #2.1-2.5), and Windex (only on pots #3.1-3.5). For water (as a constant only on pot #4.1), only put two drops of water into the pot.
    8 ) Continue this for a week, watering every day at the same time. Record your results on a chart.

    What you should do if this doesn't work...
    If this doesn't work, then you should repeat the experiment only with a higher dose of the selected liquids.

    What you should find is that the germination of the plants should suffer when there is more of the toxic substance put into the plant's cup.

    Please post your results or any other modifications that you made on the thread. I will post mine when I get a chance. Thank you.

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