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    Hello everyone.

    I have been working on a geology wiki/resource site for some time. It has reached the point where it has enough information to be interesting.

    I can always use help adding content from qualified people or those willing to properly source things.

    I intend it to be more specific and reliable compared to wikipedia.

    The site is

    The coolest thing I have added is a land form list and list of volcanoes of the world. Most of the pages in those categories have google maps integrated so you can view a satellite or topographic image of the volcano or landform.

    A great example is the page on cirques where you can toggle the image and really see the outline of the landform

    Hope you like it!

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    i assume it's the intention that other people start contributing too ? because for the moment i notice that it's just you and yourself, which as far as i'm aware is not the point of a wiki

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