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Thread: call for contributions to a "earth science resources&qu

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    we regularly get similar questions on a number of topics, and rather than having to repeat ourselves all the time, i'd like to build a sticky thread with useful links to areas of interest, where people can find out for themselves about things like radiometric dating without having to search for them in some far-away thread

    what i'm looking for is summary articles (these can be but don't have to be restricted to wikipedia articles) that are fairly comprehensive but at the same time not too specialist, so that the intelligent layman can follow the content

    an example would be which to my non-professional eye seems like a reasonable introduction to the subject

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    I don't know if members ask questions about sedimentary environments - probably not, since they would mainly be of interest to sedimentologists - but this site has a nice summary that is certainly not too technical.

    What I especially liked was the linked tables that describe the character of the rocks that are deposited in these environments.

    Information about earthquakes can be found on the USGS site, where any global quakes greater than magnitude 4.0 are plotted.

    Eruptions of volcanoes can be followed here:

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