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Thread: Homework problem? READ THIS BEFORE POSTING

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    I know we don't get too many homework questions in this part of the forum, but in case you're willing to ask one anyway, a couple of points I want to make on the subject :

    1. We will not do your homework for you. It has been given to you for a good reason, to help in the learning process. To put it tritely, you will learn by doing your homework rather than having someone else do it for you.
    2. At their own discretion, members may be willing to offer help for homework questions. That is their right, not yours, so don't feel disgruntled if you don't get any responses.
    3. You can increase your chances of illiciting a response by showing that you have given the subject / question some thought, and that despite the best of your efforts you're hopelessly stuck. Explain WHY you are stuck, this may make any help you receive more relevant to your problem.
    4. In general, members who respond are likely to give you hints and pointers rather than the complete answer. Please DO show that you have thought about them and follow them up. The more you show that you're willing to put in some effort yourself, the better your chance of receiving further help.

    Looking on the bright side, I do not intend to lock or delete threads just because they are homework. The reverse of the coin is that I can't guarantee you will receive a satisfactory answer to your problem.

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