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    Injection of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to form aerosol sulfates has been discussed here previously, with several posters expressing concerns about unintended consequences. Now itís been modeled.

    It appears that the most prominent effect, besides lowering the temperature, would be a reduction in precipitation in the northern tropic, especially the Sahel and the monsoonal belts. Presumably these would be undesirable results. The authors respond that the reduction falls within the normal range.

    The injection program appears to have a duration of 20 years. The global temperature recovers to where it would otherwise have been in another 20 years. The authors (see comment no. 25) say the idea is just to give time for new technologies to be implemented.

    Other consequence are mentioned.

    Hereís a better link - the one in the RealClimate blog doesnít work.

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    Good find. Such models are useful even if we never seriously contemplate implementing seeding the atmosphere.

    A lot of people depend on monsoon rainfall to produce reliable crops, nearly a billion in India just for starters--this model is bad news.

    Just as interesting I think is reduced monsoon rain might result from any scheme which reduced the SW radiation.

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