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Thread: Surprisingly Rapid Changes In Earth’s Core Discovered

  1. #1 Surprisingly Rapid Changes In Earth’s Core Discovered 
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    The movements in the liquid part of the Earth’s core are changing surprisingly quickly, and this affects the Earth’s magnetic field, according to new research from DTU Space...

    “What is so surprising is that rapid, almost sudden, changes take place in the Earth’s magnetic field. This suggests that similar sudden changes take place in the movement of the liquid metal deep inside the Earth which is the reason for the Earth’s magnetic field,” Nils Olsen explains....
    One wonders what other effects those rapid changes may have on the Earth mantle, considering heat and mass distribution and ultimately the dynamics of the earth in total. Could any of the 'not understood' phenomena from the geologic past be tied to causes in the Earth core?

    But far more inportant is the question how quickly these changes are attributed to destructive mankind and how dishonestly I'm lying about all of this, since no matter what, AGW must be true.

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