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Thread: The Zodiac?

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    I know all the known suspects were ruled out as the source of the bloody fingerprint left in the taxi, which was the scene of the last known Zodiac crime. What I've always wondered is did anyone bother to compare the print to the victim? The Zodiac obviously enjoyed taunting the police & by the time of the last crime, he was probably growing tired of the encrypted notes. So maybe he used the victim to leave what I'm sure the police originally thought was a critical mistake. This would be a very good new way to taunt the police since it took 2-3 days to get fingerprint results back in those days. So for 2-3 days, they thought they would at last, know the identity of the Zodiac. What a blow it must've been to find out the print didn't match any of the suspects.

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    The prints, handwriting samples, and DNA evidence from some of the confirmed letters didn't match any suspects.

    A very interesting case indeed....

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