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Thread: Two Head Shots: Proof of Crossfire in Dealey Plaza!!

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    An apparently little known book was published early last year : Last Second in Dallas.

    The author, Josiah Thompson, has extensive knowledge of real events about the JFK shooting in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. He has derived a unique conclusion never before suggested based largely on valid ballistic evidence from the scene of the shooting, film, and witness reports*.

    Keeping this short, the book's most unquestionable evidence is based on the Zapruder film, and most importantly the ejecta plumes of two fatal head shots which occurred within ca. 0.7 seconds of each other. The timing and trajectory of the ejecta from these two shots provide definitive evidence for two shooters.

    Clearly the most convincing evidence is that obtained at the scene. There could be no more demonstrative evidence than the ballistic data presented by Thompson, which is beyond doubt. The author makes no assumptions as to who fired the shots, or why. He bases the book only on hard, irrefutable evidence from the crime scene.

    Anyone who wants to know the real events should spend some time reading the book, or its fact-based conclusions from reviews, and studying the data themselves. Any unbiased reader will have to come to the same conclusion. JFK was shot in a crossfire. Thompson's remarkable detective work is beyond question.

    "Last Second in Dallas"


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