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Thread: Sue snohomish co wa state for letting a man die in jail?

  1. #1 Sue snohomish co wa state for letting a man die in jail? 
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    he had a milk allergy and they let him die name;michael saffioini possibly i have computer virus i think maybe ill look for link later this is a question since i cant even read the entire article on other computer did this happen? i dont trust snohomish co wa or wa state much - i hope to move to east coast

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    If he knew that he had a milk allergy why did he drink milk?

    If he did not know he had a milk allergy then neither did the state so how can they be held liable if they did not know?

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    Actually this is an interesting case. It seems that the he was well aware of his allergies, he inquired about the the oatmeal served for breakfast, and he notified the guards of his medical reaction. He was ordered to cell by guards when he requested medical treatment and collapsed in his cell.

    Shocking video shows Washington man left to die in jail from extreme food allergy as guards stand by
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