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Thread: Vein Patterns for Facial Recognition

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    Apparently vein patterns are as unique as oneís fingerprint, but a lot tougher to duplicate, so security specialists have begun looking at ways of using these patterns for identification systems for a while now. Many palm and fingerprint scanners on the market are already able to analyze vein patterns, even from a distance, with the help of infrared technology.

    The same kind of technology was used by Indian scientists when developing their facial vein pattern identification system.

    By using a thermal imaging camera, the system performs an infrared scan of a personís face. The resulting image is then processed and analyzed by a computer, being run through a special algorithm that can detect all the veins and arteries, down to the smallest capillaries.

    The system has an impressive accuracy rate of 97% and according to scientists, it is virtually impossible to foil, unlike other biometric systems that are based on fingerprint or eye scanning.

    Fabricating a realistic mask that can accurately simulate another personís facial pattern is almost impossible. Moreover, no matter how good the mask is, the infrared camera would still detect the imposterís own blood vessel patterns, researchers explained.
    Facial Recognition Method Reads Vein Patterns | TechBeat

    What the heck is the point of this? As if we don't have enough scans and recognition software already... This systems looks at the systems of veins under the skin of the face. The usual justification will be to capture criminals etc... who use plastic surgery to evade the law and to capture terrorists who do the same. However, do we not have enough accuracy in biometric recognition? If someone is desperate enough to break his (or her) eye sockets to change the ratios, then they are capable of of taking much more severe methods.

    I fear for a future where all people will be asked to donate their DNA, biometric characteristics and facial vein patterns for the setting up of a database "so that we can catch the bad guys". People not committed of a crime already have their DNA on record in the UK. I resent the possible future encroachment on our privacy, yet again. I guess monitoring e-mails and texts is not enough...

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