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Thread: Protecting a Fugitive...Is it Worth it?

  1. #1 Protecting a Fugitive...Is it Worth it? 
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    Would you protect a family member, relative or close friend from capture if you were aware the police were looking for them and the crime committed? You could know either of three things, the person your harboring is guilty, is denying involvement or is absolutely innocent. Would you risk running afoul of the police or turn the fugitive in? People are put in this position everyday but rarely have I heard of the obstructing justice or the harboring of a criminal types of charges played out. Are these offences only on the books as a ploy to persuade people to give up the wanted?

    If it does go to court then it must be very difficult to prove the person charged was acting criminally and not out of fear. The feeling I get is that the charges get dismissed somewhere along the way and maybe only when the suspect is caught and taken into custody.

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    Depends upon the case because many times, as you pointed out, the people trying to help a family member aren't the ones that need to be dealt with in a criminal way because they are only doing what most any family member would do. Again it depends upon the severity of the offence and other circumstances that every case has. I believe that most family members know that they won't be able to hide someone out for long if they knew that the family member was being looked for because of a violent crime where others might have been hurt or killed.

    While family members want to be as "law abiding" as they can they know they are doing wrong and will suffer consequences when their family member is finally caught in their home. Sometimes though that family member only wants a few days to rest up, gather some money then leave to not put the other family members into a very bad situation. Courts know that families are acting out of love not fear many times when aiding another family member during a problem they are dealing with.

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