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Thread: 60 years for computer hacking, right or wrong?

  1. #1 60 years for computer hacking, right or wrong? 
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    There has been a last minute reprieve for the computer hacker who had faced a 60 year prison sentence in America. Disabled Gary McKinnon 46 who has Asperger's syndrome has been told his extradition to the United States, to face charges of computer hacking, has been holted by Theresa May the British Home Secretary.

    Mckinnon and his mother had fought a 10 year legal battle to be allowed to stay in the UK and face charges. The central argument had been that since the alledged crimes were committed in the UK and as such are considered against the law there he should have been tried in a British court and subject to British justice, rather than face extradition to America to face the same charges.

    The main difference behind the legal battle is that whilst Mckinnon could have faced a 60 year prison sentence in the US in Britain he might have only been subject to the 'Computer Misuse Act' with criminal offences for anyone found guilty being liable for a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment and a £2,000 fine.

    Officially the Home Secretary has declared that she blocked the extradition because of the suicide risk posed to Mr Mckinnon's health at the prospect of facing trial in the US. Human rights campaigners are said to be delighted by this turn of events.

    One thing of note is the difference in situations between Mr Mckinnon and Abu Hamza.
    Abu Hamza the hate preacher and terrorist suspects extradition to America was widely welcomed across the UK and seen as step towards justice, whilst however Gary Mckinnon's plight had captured wide spread support and much pressure on the UK government to find a way to allow him to remain in the UK.

    Home | Mail Online

    Update: It's now emerged Mr Mckinnon was accused of hacking into hacking into Pentagon and Nasa computers from his bedroom in North London whilst looking for evidence of UFO's, in a further embarrassing twist it's also been revealed that he wasn't some computer genuis and instead gained access by using a password, the password he used has also been revealed as "password".

    Quote from todays Mail: " a frightened British citizen has at last been granted his birthright – to be tried, if at all, under the laws of his homeland. Meanwhile, Mrs May is acting to redress the imbalance in the extradition treaty, meaning no Briton who could be tried at home will in future be sent to the US without the authority of a British judge."

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    I nearly peed myself reading the update. Somebody should get 60 years but not Mr McKinnon.

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    Are you telling me they've not installed any kind of security system at all? No need to remember that this week/ month it's a fruit rather than a flower or a geological formation - scrambled or otherwise?
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