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Thread: Process shoe prints in snow in the US

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    I am working on a research about shoe prints in snow. Part of this research is investigating what techniques are used in other countries, e.g. the United States. I guess this differs a lot by state. But is there anyone who is familiar with how this is done at the US police in any state?


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    Thanks for the post

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    Actually everybody does it in a similar way, but everybody also tweaks it for how it works best for them. Every crime lab, CITY, STATE, FEDERAL has their own specific way, and even among labs personnel it can differ.

    I was trained by Texas Dept. of Public Safety State Crime Lab and we had small molds that we could place over the print to hold the molding material in place. Then we would use spray paint to paint the print so that it would not melt because the molding material gets warm, exothermic reaction. We would them make up a batch of plastr-of-paris or denta-stone, get it as close to the ground as possible so it wouldn't disturb the print, pour it in and let it harden. No heat is necessary as the chemical reation will go off by itsef. then just lift the mold, clean it and eureka, a print mold.
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