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Thread: Modern Technology vs. Modern Humanism

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    Mark J. Wagner February 15, 2011
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    The fundamental demand of our time is to protect human life, dignity, and free will as an expression of humanistic, transcendental values for every man, who exists on earth, and those who will come. Without it, human life will be incomplete, and entire population will be driven by new form of slavery, extreme existential dependency based on judgment of just a few, who are driven by an opportunistic motivations to enforce their own vision on entire human civilization. As we all know from history, human perception can be formed through skillful manipulation, and often results are tragic, painful.
    Manís awareness shall be formed through education, example, and by following ethical, moral, spiritual code of behavior. Understanding principals and expanding awareness about self, as well as social interdependency, which is not limited to any geographical area, is paramount in terms of human social evolution. Today I ask myself, what is the statement of our times? How much do we understand human nature, and what is the direction we are willing to choose, but most of all, how we shape our personal and interconnected status quo, and destination. Social responsibility can be expanded and implemented by reinforcement of law, even through technological means, but only by meaningful implementation of education and personalized approach, perspective toward all aspects of human existence, expansion of frame of awareness make sense and create solid ethical base on which progress is achievable. Every alternative will multiply difficulties, promote injustice, and even reinforce pathology.
    We must realize simple fact, the quality of human life, civilization depend on each of us, every day, through individual imprint, free will of every human being who exist on Earth. I want to emphasize the importance of free human will. The status quo is changing, but universal values, manifestation of higher intelligence, divine testimony, expression, donít.
    Life is evolving into more advanced form, with constantly expanding awareness, but real progress can be achieved only through free will and personal choice. I strongly believe, human is destined to do great deeds, and human fabric of life is made from positive, beautiful threads of goodness. We can reinforce any message we want, but we shall reinforce message of justice, righteousness, equality, wisdom, tolerance.
    The blueprint of awareness is manifested by spontaneous understanding of what is right, and what is wrong, and the statement of our times should vividly express what we want to achieve, and how we want to be perceived on global scale. Despite natural tendency to comply with acceptable code of behavior, we must understand our social, universal responsibility in terms of formation of human awareness. I strongly believe, the statement of our time should be protection of intellectual, existential, spiritual aspiration, by incorporating those values into the written statements, codes, articles of law, as well as protection the very basic, foundation of human existence, free will.

    * UN Human Rights Policy.
    Please expand and incorporate into The United Declaration of Human Rights, article protecting free will, and against subliminal manipulation through technological means, social media.

    * Free Will (Free Will vs. Subliminal Messages).
    Free will and human response shall not be compromised by attempts of evident manipulation, especially by technological means, information technology, (IT), social media (TV, radio, internet), nanotechnology, subliminal messages (IT, TV, radio, internet). Progressive utilization of subliminal methods is evident, few examples: information technology, cellular telephone technology, internet technology (sound and computer screen projection of subliminal messages ), TV technology by utilization of subliminal messages through sound and screen projection, nanotechnology by utilization of tiny mechanisms into the human body. All of those means, tools, are designed and implemented to influence in profound way human behavior, response, and to create man without her/his own will, choice, self-expression, individuality. Human being without free will, represent biological substance, organic slave.

    * Human is Good. (Self-perception).
    Human is good. Proactive implementation, reinforcement of self-perception as positive force. The great majority of human population follows positive examples, code of ethics, spiritual teachings embedded into the fabric of human existence, experience. Statistical, institutional and governmental data support above statement.

    * Social Media.
    The purpose of social media phenomenon is to promote dialog, understanding, tolerance, and progress through technological means such as internet, (Facebook, and other similar sites). Gathering information, personal, social, cultural, behavioral profiling by third parties, institutions and governmental agencies is unacceptable and illegal.

    * Weaponized Nature, Climate Global Weather Phenomenons
    The purpose of nature, all laws of nature, is to protect, maintain life as we know it. Graceful efficiency, delicate balance allowed organic, aware and unaware existence to flourish since the creation. Human is not only extraordinary in every aspect of universal expression, man also represent ultimate dependency, interconnected bond between internal and external existence. Civilization extend its influence through intelligence, choices, sophisticated tools, but most of all, frame of awareness, the very foundation defining progress or the opposite, formed spiritually, through ethical, moral standards implemented on personal, local, global level. Nature is pure, sensitive and fantastically efficient. Self-contained, propelled by sequential motion of procreation is no more, no less, than miraculous expression, practical and infinitely beautiful, and the beneficient is you, in every second, minute, hour of your life. Nature shall be protected from any influence, attempt to create artificial climate phenomenons. Weapomnized Nature
    manifest modern mutation toward crimes against humanity.

    Weaponized Nature, Artificial Weather Phenomenons is unacceptable, immoral, and against spiritual, ethical, moral standards.

    In ever changing world, earth, universe was created, shaped with one purpose, to enhance human experience, and meaning of life to promote co-existence with all living things, aware and unaware.
    Human freedom without free will becomes meaningless phrase. Awareness and Free Will is the most sophisticated manifestation of life as we know it, and must be protected from any threats.

    Thank you,
    Mark J. Wagner

    * US Department of State
    * Protection of Human Freedom
    * European Union
    * European Commission General Council for Human Rights Policy
    * World Organization for Human Rights
    * International League for Human Rights
    * Helsinki Committee for Human Rights
    * International Justice Mission
    * Anti-defamation League
    * Time Magazine
    * The New York Times
    * The Washington Post
    * CNN
    * Chicago Tribune
    * Chicago Sun Times
    * Guardian
    * Der Spiegel
    * Nowiny Gliwickie
    * Gazeta Krakowska
    * Dziennik Zachodni
    * Glos Warszawy
    * Glos Niedzielny
    * Gazeta Wyborcza
    * Academy of Science:
    United Kingdom

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