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Thread: The iPhone now fights crime

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    The iPhone now fights crime

    This was a small mention in “Best Of What's New” PopSci magazine March 2010

    The Mobile Offender Recognition and Identification System, is a 2.5 ounce hardware attachment and software app that turns a smartphone into a powerful biometric device. It combines iris recognition, fingerprint scanning and facial recognition, allowing police officers to ID suspects in seconds without taking that long ride downtown.
    Currently this system sells for $3000.00, but if it ever were to become generally available to the public, how would that change our society?

    If you were a criminal and somebody snapped a picture of you? Well you get my point. It could ruin a well planned night out on the town.

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    Interesting. Technology is just getting crazy but I guess this would be a good use. However, for any type of good things can be used, they can be used for evil just the same.
    I'm such a nerd. My professor gave us an essay to write over Christmas Break and I was the only one happy about it.

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