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Thread: Research for a comic: Decomposition in space?

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    Hello! I'm working on a short science fiction comic and want to know how a body would decompose in an environment like the International Space Station (carefully controlled, fairly dry air at a steady room-temperature, no insects or much in the way of external bacteria).

    If I'm posting this in the wrong place I apologize... I have done some research and used Google but the only information I could find was either about mummification with organs removed, or decomposition outdoors or in otherwise a normal Earth environment of course, or in a complete vacuum with no oxygen, none of which really help. I need to show some dead bodies that have been left alone in a spacecraft for a few months, and I would like them to be in a fairly believable state of decomposition.

    I know there's probably not much in the way of empirical data on decomposition in this type of environment, but maybe someone knowledgeable in forensic sciences could do a bit of speculation or point me toward a more likely resource?

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