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    Seeing is Beleiving First time in world -book on biosensors in humanbody-Haiti earthquake

    Kindly go thru book released by ROSEDOG PUBLICATION USA via link below and this is book on biosensors in humanbody

    Forecast of Haiti earthquake was possible one year in advance
    but PALM TOP data was required from field/country,where event happened.Palm top computer is attached by Nature-GOD in every humanbody in form of two palms of human hand.

    Human hand has inbuilt device i.e.FIT-Future Imaging Technology which in form of dermatoglyphic pattern or biosensor contains details of any Future or past disasters.see details on science website

    world scientist are invited to learn FIT technology thru your forum,under TRIPS(TRADE RELATED INTELLECTUAL RIGHTS)-WTO Ruling/agreement with inventor.

    Picture of universal forces in hand exist details of which already given in earlier posting in this forum .Learn FIT technology to save mankind on earth .

    FIT technology is only technology available ,which forecast manmade and natural disasters one year in advance.


    I am unified field scientist from india who has developed new science or you can call 5000 YEAR advance unified science which scientifically explains any past or future events of world with 100% accuracy. ionosphere(sky)-humanbody-earth electromagnetic resultant graph lies in biometric parts of human body .Every citizen of world is active part of NATURE which stores graphic result in form of GPS-IN CODED CRYPTOGRAPHIC FORMin BIOMETRIC part of HUMANBODY which is as detailed as any ancient lost civiliazation library like NALANDA-TAXILA-OR LOST ISLAND like ATLANTIS described in WESTERN LITERATURE existed with signs of advance science.

    Humanbody is Receiver-Transmitter-CPU-GPS-or Mobile tower receiving-storing-and tranmitting electromagnetic messages of NATURE. Invisible dimension of nature become visible using cryptographic language which forecast in advance any possible earthquake in 2008-2009 etc.if your country if not in seismic zone and you are taking flight to Disturbed seismic zone then FIT will advice you not to go to disturbed area since there is possibility of earthquake in 2008 or 2009 in that area.

    FIT technlogy is THEORY OF CERTAINITY which defies THEORY OF UINCERTAINITY in PHYSICS and THEORY OF PROBABILITY in mathematics and gives 100% accurate result about future and past disasters in any part of world.

    American publisher is printing book on FIT technology and we invite all scientist of world to see and test accuracy of FUTURISTIC-BREAKTHRU TECHNOLOGY and for first time in world universities/colleges are invited to introduce PRACTICAL UNIFIED SCIENCE(under TRIPS-WTO -IPR LICENSING SYSTEM) in their curriculum to save valuable humanlife on earth from all type of disasters. of we have given name to our invention as FIT-FUTURE IMAGING TOOL (GPS)technology which in form of software can be loaded on iphone,s .Tourist using FIT technology will know in advance whether it is safe to go to indonesia 2004,chendong-china2008etc since countrywise advance feeding of decoded DATA can define future geological-electromagnetic disturbance of any area of world.

    Humanbody has inbuilt FIT(GPS)device,which is storehouse or CPU of nature,s coded data.We have developed CRYPTOGRAPHIC LANGUAGE in last thrity years which is helpful in decoding past and future disaster events like RDX BLAST-MANMADE DISASTER and TSUNAMI-EARTHQUAKE-VOLCANO-FLOODING etc-NATURAL DISASTERS

    FIT technology has in built time machine system to go into past and future of any event of world and has unified science-language with conciuousness meter which defines in one go manmade and natural disasters.For example if any scientist who learn cryptographic language and come to my city BHOPAL and decodes humanbody CPU THRU CRYPTOGRAPHIC LANGUAGE will tell automatically that in 1984 in BERASIA AREA OF BHOPAL -METHYL ISOCYANIDE -UNION CARBIDE LIKE event happened.ECG like graph is formed in cryptographic language on X and Yaxis of graph which indicate Heart attack-or stressed S and P waves of earthquake or RDX BLAST in advance.Scientist will get same result about KOBE EARTHQUAKE 1995 and future event is under WTO-TRIPS-International copyright
    unified field scientist India
    Unified Science website

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