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Thread: Need help concerning BPA (Bloodstain Pattern Analysis)

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    Hi there I'm new here

    So I'm in 12th grade in germany and will take my A-level next year.
    For now I have to write a skilled labour (about 12 pages) about a biologic topic.

    I decided to go with Bloodstain Pattern Analysis since my sister studies Forensic Science in Middlesbrough and I'm quite interested in it. My problem is now that there isn't much about forensic science here in germany that's why I thought about asking in this forum if anybody got a more precise idea of what I could write.
    Something like a short summary of what should be in there, what's quite interesting etc.

    I appreciate any help I can get and hope you got some ideas for me so that I know where to start.
    I'm quite good with the english language (that's why I already looked up some pages on the internet in english) but some of the information's still too complicated without some prior knowledge of bpa/forensic science since I've never learned anything about forensics here in germany.

    Thanks in advance

    /e: you can also reach me via icq most of the time..just add me.
    if msn is needed pm me ^^ thanks

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    Try to purchase a book called "Blood Secrets," written by Rod Englert. It was published in the states, but I am sure you can obtain a copy off of Amazon, or your local book store will probably order it for you.

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