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Thread: author requests study path for a specific criminal pathology

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    I'm working on a novel in which one of the characters descends into a level of religion-justified psychopathology wherein he attempts to assassinate a prominent secular figure.

    Can anyone suggest some profiling or criminal psychology papers or books applicable to this kind of character?

    The situation is not unlike the killer of Kansas obstetrician Dr. Tiller. The character is not acting alone, but as part of what is essentially a terrorist group similar to the Army of God, so the profile is not that of a lone political assassin who expects to be caught and allows himself to be caught in order to declare his manifesto to the world. It is organized, pathological zealotry, with the intention of committing future violent crimes (no interest in being caught).

    I've been a dilettante in psychology my whole life but have no academic training and have never before delved into criminal psychology. Can any of you recommend an efficient path to understanding this particular kind of profile? The goal is simple - I want to accurately portray this character's descent into such a mindset enough that the story has credence for a general audience, but not necessarily with as much detail as a full professional criminological profile might contain.

    My library card awaits. Thanks in advance!

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