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Thread: Netbeans IDE impresses me more than Eclipse

  1. #1 Netbeans IDE impresses me more than Eclipse 
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    I am an open-source bigot. I have an extreme preference for the open-source way of doing things.

    So I was struggling to make an easily deployable cross-platform application with Eclipse. I hit some dead ends, I spent lots of time on it, etc.

    I was committed to Eclipse because I was sick and tired of closed apps. I spent hours trying to wrangle Eclipse into making the sort of app I wanted.

    Yesterday I tried Netbeans and got a vastly superior experience in a half hour.

    I had been leery of Netbeans because when I last tried it -- in 1999 -- it was not very usable! Times have changed!

    I don't know if Netbeans is truly open source, but for the moment I don't care. I trust Sun enough to work with their product.

    I haven't gotten JUnit working in Eclipse, but a big part of the reason I was working with Eclipse is that I will eventually want to get automated testing going, e.g. with JUnit. But it looks like NetBeans supports automated testing.

    So ... if you're a Java coder ... do have an opinion on a decent Java-centric IDE?

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    i'm still using 3.5.1, but in a very limited way, just to compile applets because it's somehow easier on the eye than the command screen

    however, i tried the latest version (6.1) and went back to the old one because creating a whole project file for a single applet seems a bit too much like overkill to me ...

    also tried JBuilder 9, since i had to use it at college, but that's the same : fine if you want to build proper Java programmes, but overkill if you only need to compile an applet

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