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Thread: Where can I find free downloadable books online?

  1. #1 Where can I find free downloadable books online? 
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    I've just signed up to study Bsc Comp. Science in the Software Engineering stream and to my dismay have found out that the majority of my prescribed text books were excluded in my study fees and my meagre student loan's already depleted (and not squandered on alcohol and the likes I might add ; )
    I'm unfortunately on a severely tight budget so am trying to locate the following books online either 'extremely cheaply' of free via downloading and print off (my folks printer no doubt ; ) If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be most grateful - am not in possesion of an 'eye patch' or 'wooden leg' so hopefully not treading in too grey an area . . .

    Title Discrete Mathematics: Mathematical Reasoning and Proof with Puzzles, Patterns, and Games - edition1 published 2006, Author Douglas E. Ensley & J. Winston Crawley - Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

    Title Problem Solving with C++, edition 6 Published 2007 - Author Savitch, W., Publisher Pearson Education

    Title Foundations of Computer Science Author Forouzan, B. & Mosharraf, F. Year Published 2008 Edition 2 Publisher Thomson Learning. ISBN 10: 1844807002 ISBN 13: 9781844807000

    Title Introducing Delphi Programming - theory through practice Author Barrow J, Miller M, Malan K, Gelderblom H. Year Published 2005 Edition 4 Publisher Oxford Univ. Press

    Title Principles of Information Systems: A Managerial Approach Author Ralph M.Stair and George W.Reynolds Year Published 2008 Edition 8 Publisher Cengage Learning

    Title The Design of Everyday Things Author Norman, D.A. Year Published 2002 Edition 3 Publisher Basic Books Book Notes Students may also use the 1st and 2nd eds.

    Title PRECALCULUS Mathematics for Calculus Author Stewart, J.,Redlin, L. & Watson, S. Year Published 2006 Edition 5 Publisher Cengage Learning.

    Title Mind on statistics Author Utts, J.M. & Heckard, R.F. Year Published 2007 Edition 3 Publisher Cengage Learning.

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