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    If you receive email with a subject line with the phrase SWEETHEARTGAME (all one word, no spaces) in it… DON'T OPEN the attachment named Sweet-Heart-Game.txt.vbs.
    Over a five-hour period, during February 25, 2008, this virus spread across Asia, Europe and the United States via e-mail messages titled "SWEET HEART GAME ". The menace clogged Web servers, overwrote personal files and caused corporate IT managers to shut down e-mail systems.
    A scan of the Visual Basic code included in the attachment reveals that the virus may be corrupting MP3 and JPEG files on users' hard drives, as well as mIRC, a version of Internet Relay Chat. It also appears to reset the default start page for Internet Explorer.
    This virus arrives as e-mail with the subject line " SWEET HEART GAME " and an attachment named " Sweet-Heart-Game.txt.vbs". Opening the attachment infects your computer. The infection first scans your PC's memory for passwords, which are sent back to the virus's creator (a Web site in Taiwan which has since been shut down). The infection then replicates itself to everyone in your Outlook address book. Finally, the infection corrupts files ending with .vbs, .vbe, .js, .css, .wsh, .sct, .hta, .jpg, .jpeg, .mp2, .mp3 by overwriting them with a copy of itself.
    You can get this bug in only one way. If you receive an email with an attachment with the name Sweet-Heart-Game.txt.vbs and you execute it, by double clicking on the attachment, you will get infected. Don't execute it, just delete it and you will be fine.

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    Well thanks, but I'm sure most people on here given their 'high' intelligence, know that 'curiosity killed the cat'. Not being sexist here, but I bet it was 90% women that opened the file . Bless their curiosity.

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    I usually don't open attachment to whoever send me letters if veer I know that I have no idea who that person is. I think viruses spread because of opening unknown attachment.
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