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Thread: Open office's bug holes.

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    Here we go, i bet there's a topic about open office already; but i suppose mine is a repeat.

    Has anyone had problems with it, i find it full of bugs and little hicups that i just couldn't accept.

    I'm not complaining at all, i think its wonderful and a great tool and idea alike, but i just couldn't cope with all the bugs. So i bought word.

    Have they fixed them; I'm curious.

    Oh edit, i didn't buy it, my sister did and i'm using her copy that lasts 3 systems, so i would still be using open office and also i didn't really try to fix anything much.

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    i'm sticking to Lotus Wordpro97 - after all these years still better + more user friendly than Word

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    There may be a problems with open office but as much as that you can label it as a bug office, it reveals that it is a full of bugs and it is not to be preferred. I don't agree with that.
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    Your desire to help is admirable, but once again you have resurrected a thread that is years old.
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