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    I have a question on Quantum Encryption. I've been doing a lot of research lately on it and the vendors claim that it is an unbreakable code for key distribution.

    The basics are that if Alice sends Bob a photon, Bob measures the polarization of that photon which translates into binary. Bob uses a filter to do this. If Bob guesses the right filter to measure the polarization of the photon then in a public conversation Alice will tell Bob that he used the right filter and that photon is translated into a bit.

    My question is what if Eve uses the same filters as Bob every time a photon was sent? Could she be able to get the key without either Alice or Bob knowing?

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    I believe it all depends on the choice of filters being kept secret. For it to really be unbreakable, Bob needs a totally random method of selecting his filters. If Eve knew Bob's filter arrangement she could copy it, then send him "dummy photons" so that he didn't realize Alice's photons were being intercepted.

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