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    I bought a joystick from goodwill ($1.50) and I can't figure out how to set get the center button to do anything.
    (see pic of similar joystick)

    it can be pressed up, down, left, and right (not in) and I was wondering how to make my computer recognize these buttons. I tried detecting it with the "game controller" thing in control panel. it recognizes it as a few different kinds of joysticks (4 button, 4 button+POV, ect) but when I play x-wing vs tie fighter it will not recognize these buttons.

    any help would be great. thanks.

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    Unless you have a pretty standard joystick, those drivers in windoze may not work. I would suggest you get the maker of the joystick from the imprint on the case and the model number of it and do a search on google for the driver you need.

    Just a search of joystick drivers on google renders gobs of locations and only the manufacturer's driver will work the very best. Others may work but not as well, as you have discovered with the standard windoze drivers.

    general driver search

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    If you are running Windows XP (Saying windoze is so 2002), chances are the default drivers will work. But you may have something really obscure. Can you find a make or model number of any kind on it? Have you set it up in the game correctly?
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