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Thread: Computer science or Software Engineering

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    I am really struggling to make my choice here in what to do my degree in. I love all of the IT sections but i love programming the most.

    Software Engineering will probably have alot more programming but Computer Science will give me much more broad career choices. I really do not know which choice to make and would like some comments by other people or maybe some advice on the two courses.

    Also is there a difference between Software Engineering and Software Development?

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    My personal opinion would be getting a degree in Computer Science and then a graduate on software development.

    Software engineering is describing the "art", or job of making a software. Software development is the process of designing and producing a debugged program. That's what I make of it.

    Even though, software engineering is a controversial term. Many people, even Computer Scientists among them will disagree with the term and support that the making of software is not actual engineering. In my opinion, I think that the word "engineering" means the "mechanics" of how something works, thus putting together several mechanisms to make something work.

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