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    hello guys...
    im harold from manila, philippines.
    im a computer science student.

    i would like to ask help from u guys.
    we our doing our thesis this semester.
    we call our thesis "SP" (special problem).
    its not a group project. we have to do it individually.
    its not just paper work but mostly programming.
    we are required to create a system (e.g. information system).
    until now i havent found a good topic (and kinda feeling desperate already).
    some of my classmates have proposed some topics but they have been rejected because the teachers thought they were "too easy". personally i dont really understand what they meant by "too easy".

    maybe u could suggest a good topic for my SP.
    im not really an expert programmer (meaning im not really that good in programming) :-)
    maybe u could suggest a topic that is not too easy nor too hard.
    im gonna be using mysql, apache, html and PHP. its ok if i also incorporate SMS and email features to my system, as long as its just PHP code.

    i hope u could help me guys. im planning to finish my SP before october. so, there's only little time..
    i would appreciate any suggestion.

    u could post your reply here or u could email me at

    tnx! :-)

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