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    Can anyone help me with this problem or point me in the direction of somewhere that can, i wuld be extreamly grateful.

    Q) The range of data to be accepted by the program has been extended to allow numbers to be grouped within parenthesis eg. 01,{01,0,{10,1,{0,1},{1}}},1

    Design a Turing machine which will check for correctly formatted data. In this version the restriction of 0 being only represented by a single symbol need not be adhered to. The TM should check for correctly matched {and} but need not detect misplaced commas (as in, eg. {0,}).

    You should assume:

    i) the data is initially positioned on an otherwise blank tape (i.e. all spaces) with the TM's reading head above the first character.

    ii) All commas are legally placed but {and} may not be

    iii) the TM will end in one of the following states:


    TOO MANY '}'

    TOO MANY '{'

    with the obvious interpretation.

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